Favorite Sinhala Lama Gee (children songs) collection in one website. LamaGee.com also includes popular sing-a-long songs, nursery rhythms, traditional action songs for the Sri Lankan kids. Most of the songs accompanied by beautiful animation which will enthrall and delight kids time and time again.

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English Alphabet Sounds

English Alphabet Sounds

10 months ago9385 0
Rapunzel Story in Sinhala

Rapunzel Story in Sinhala

10 months ago2,2308 0
Sinhala Lama Gee - Ha Ha Hari Hawa

Ha Ha Hari Hawa

10 months ago5,94073 0
The Magical Well - Aruma Puduma Lida

The Magical Well – Aruma Puduma Lida

10 months ago1,93616 0
Punchi Kale Polos Kiyala

Punchi Kale Polos Kiyala

10 months ago3,90639 0

Akase Raes Vihida

11 months ago1,6626 0

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