kalakata Pera E Bethleheme – කලකට පෙර ඒ බෙත්ලෙහෙමේ

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kalakata Pera E Bethleheme කලකට පෙර ඒ බෙත්ලෙහෙමේ

“Kalakata pera e bethleheme” is a beautiful Sinhala Catholic Christmas carol that many generations have fallen in love with since childhood. this particular version has been sung by the great veteran trio Dharmarathne brothers. The reflection is about the symbols of the Nativity story and what they tell us. The characters of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus , Wise men and shepherds each teach us different qualities. So are the animals, the manger, the cattle shed, the star of Bethlehem and the message from the angels also have different meanings. Many might interpret them differently. This is a perception I have carried for many years. I hope this will inspire you to change your life this Christmas. May God bless you. Merry Christmas

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