Balal Hamine

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Balal Hamine

Balal Hamine බළල් හාමිනේ , old and very famous Sinhala children’s song of Sri Lanka for all the children spred in the world…
පුළුං කොට්ට අත් දෙක තබලා
හොරෙන් හොරෙන් වට පිට බලලා
ගමන් බිමන් යාමට හපනා
බළල් හාමිනේ
හිමින් සැරේ මාදෙස බලලා
ම්යාව් ම්යාව් ගීතය ගයලා
මගේ උකුල් තලයට පනිනා
බළල් හාමිනේ
බළල් හාමිනේ ගෙ සැමියා – බළල් රාළහාමි
රැවුල් මූන පුම්බාගෙන මට – ආඩම්බර පාවී
බළල් හාමිනේ ගෙ පැටියා – පුංචි බලල හාමි
නූල් බෝලයක් පෙරලාගෙන – සෙල්ලම් කරාවී
බළල් හාමිනේ ගෙ ඇස් දෙක – නිල් මැණික් වගේනේ
ඇස් කොනින් බලද්දි හරියට – ආදරේ හිතෙන්නේ
බළල් හාමිනේ ගෙ දුක සැප – මං තමයි බලන්නේ
මගේ පණ වගේ තමයි – බළල් හාමිනේ
ගායනය – ශිරෝමි ප්‍රනාන්දු
Song copyrights are reserved for the Original Artist – Shiromie Fernando

Balal Hamine – About the Singer

The name Shiromi Fernando popularly known as “Baby Shiromi” towards the end of 1960’s still linger in the minds and hearts of those who loved her songs at that time.

Shiromi set the trend for young girls below twelve at that time enter the Sinhala pop singing era.

She was introduced to singing by her uncles who at that time were in the forefront in Sinhala pop music groups.

They were the popular “Dharmaratne Brothers” that comprised Ronald, Maxwell, Christy and Melroy.

Of them it was Melroy who was instrumental in introducing his little neice to singing. Shiromi kicked off with the popular number “Konda Namagena”, a song for a grandmother.

It was composed by Melroy. As she reached the peak in no time, she became a household name. She once sang a song for a friend who was dying from Leukaemia.

This song almost made everyone sad and people started to crowd her house at Kotahena thinking that Shiromi was suffering from that illness.

It was written by Melroy and sung by Shiromi said she had never heard of anyone escaping death by the deadly desease.

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